Friday, 23 May 2014

Greetings from Belfast

I can't really remember when I started collecting vintage postcards.  To the best of my memory it was when my old boss gave me a small stack of ones probably from the 60s (I'll have to devote an entire post to her some day because she was really quite an influence on who I am today aesthetically).  

After that I started picking up the odd hotel postcard here and there mostly for the cool midcentury look that I was into at the time.  More recently, I started accompanying my mother to antique and collectable paper shows.  She began looking for antique postcards a few years ago as research for an upcoming book (not on postcards) and man she got bit hard by the bug.  She's now an expert on the things and can date them to within a decade just by looking at them.  Anyway, while I was still based in Los Angeles, I would go along as her "assistant" and instead of getting paid in currency, I got paid in postcards.

These days I'm mostly on the lookout for places I've lived in or travelled to, hence my collection has become a bit heavy on Northern Ireland.  

I'd love to know exactly where this picture was taken, because I imagine it's not too far from my house.

Queen's University by night

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